NES Action Shooter ‘Copper Jacket’ Hits Funding Goal On Kickstarter


Copper Jacket
Image: Monsoon Studios

Indie game developer Monsoon Studios has revealed that the crowdfunding campaign for its NES action title Cooper Jacket has been a success.

The game – which offers a simultaneous 2-player mode and takes inspiration from the likes of Contra and Commando – had a very modest funding goal of just $9,000. Thanks to the support of 244 backers, it has managed to raise almost twice that amount, finally securing $16,000 of cash.

The game takes place across 5 worlds divided into 13 levels, and you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons along the way.

Here’s some PR:

In Copper Jacket, your former boss (Commander Zaslavsky) has kidnapped your wife-to-be in an attempt to make you do his dirty work. Your mission is to defeat this sinister commander and rescue the love of your life. Step into the action-packed game as a renegade combat expert who sports a military-grade rifle and carries with him a lot of heavy bombs.

The developer notes that while Copper Jacket has been designed to play on NTSC systems, it may also function on PAL NES units, but this has not been tested as yet. Copies are expected to ship in February of 2023, so there’s quite a wait ahead of us.

Still, when you consider the NES stopped being an ongoing concern in the mid-’90s, what’s another year between friends?


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