PolarSpex Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women – Trendy & Polarized Oversized Womens Sunglasses – Fashionable Shades for Women

Plastic frame
Plastic lens

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Frustrated with losing another pair of name brand sunglasses? Found that great looking pair of sunglasses, but it is out of your budget? Don’t ever overpay again. Get the same stylish classic look at a fraction of what you had to pay in the past.

Polarspex sunglasses are made from the same high-end materials as the other celebrity endorsed designer brands, but at a much lower cost. That’s because Polarspex is the manufacturer and customers are getting factory direct deals. In effort to bring our customers additional value, the 56 mm width lenses are upgraded from traditional plastic lenses to super utility high clarity performance polarized lenses.

These casual modern sun glass are great for outdoors activities such as kayaking, surfing, canoeing, jogging, hiking or just walking along the beach. Makes a great gift for birthday, graduation, wedding, party favors or corporate promotional giveaways.. We’ve got that missing color combo that you’re looking for.

Polarspex Womens Polarized Oversized Cateye Jackie-O SunglassesPolarspex Womens Polarized Oversized Cateye Jackie-O Sunglasses

The materials used in Polarspex POLARIZED Cateyes are the same as those used in 100 dollars shades. The lenses have been upgraded from ordinary plastic lenses to super utility high performance polarized lenses to provide more value to our consumers. Shop our retro giant square Cateye collection, which comes with18 different lens combinations, allowing you to customize the appropriate pair(s) to fit your accessories wardrobe.

Polarized vs Non Polarized In Summary

oversized polarized cateye sunglasses for women lens differenceoversized polarized cateye sunglasses for women lens difference

What are polarized lenses?

They are lenses that have been made with special light absorbing filters that block horizontal light waves and allows only vertical light rays through. As a result, polarized lenses reduces the harshness of glare from the sun’s rays when it bounces off of smooth reflective surfaces, such as a pond or the hood of a car. Polarpex polarized lenses give you a much sharper view of your surroundings with less strain on your eyes.

Many people notice the biggest difference between the polarized and non-polarized sunglasses when they are outdoors. The special coating in polarized lenses is highly anti-reflective, working around the clock to reduce reflections, haze and glare. At the right angle, looking at a lake or ocean through polarized sunglasses will allow you to see past most surface reflections and through to the water below.

Why use polarized lenses?

Not only are Polarpex polarized lenses effective at reducing the sun’s glare, but all Polarpex polarized lenses are also designed to keep out UVA / UVB rays as well. They can help prevent damage to your vision from a variety of eye diseases related to ultraviolet radiation, including:

  • Cataracts
  • Pterygium
  • Pinguecula
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • Photokeratitis or Ultraviolet Keratitis

What will I see when I look through the color lenses?

Everything you see will be slightly tinted to the color of lens you select.

Will my eyes be visible to others when I am wearing Polarpex sunglasses?

It depends on the type of lens you are using and the lighting of your surroundings. In most cases, Polarpex sunglasses will hide your eyes and cannot be seen by other people.

Cant find the color to match your apparel? We got you covered!

tortoise black teal pink white leopard zebra brown burgundy sunglassestortoise black teal pink white leopard zebra brown burgundy sunglasses

  • Total Frame: 144 mm
  • Arm Length: 140 mm
  • Lens Width: 56 mm
  • Length Height: 47 mm
  • Metal Reinforced Hinges
  • Premium Grade Wool Felt Protective Storage Case Included with Purchase

Options for any occasion

Choose from over 18+ different lens combinations to suit your style. Polarpex have colors that other sellers don’t offer. They make great gifts for friends and family or you can give them away as party favors for special occasions.

Birthday / Company Events / Graduations / Weddings / Thank You Gift / Mother and Girlfriend’s gifts and many more . . .

Stay active and protected

Polarpex polarized lenses are also great for enhancing the enjoyment and safety of many outdoor sports and day-to-day activities such as:

Driving / Fishing / Hiking / Jogging / Kayaking / Running / Snowboarding / Skiing / and many more . . .

Get a matching pair for your children!!

Polarpex polarized sunglasses also are available for children ages 2-7 years old. All styles are unisex with over 20 color variations to choose from.

Buy one and get another matching pair just for your kids. It is a great way to encourage and teach them to protect their eyes at an early age.

Polarspex Womens Polarized Oversized Cateye Jackie-O SunglassesPolarspex Womens Polarized Oversized Cateye Jackie-O Sunglasses

Plastic frame
Plastic lens
UV Protection Coating coating
Lens width: 56 millimeters
Lens height: 47 millimeters
Bridge: 14 millimeters
Arm: 140 millimeters
100% UVA AND UVB BLOCKING FOR SUPERIOR EYE PROTECTION AND WRINKLE PREVENTION – Our lenses use premium technology to block 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays that can harm your eyes. So, protect is one of the best features of our high-quality lens.
POLARIZED LENSES FOR CLARITY OF VISION – The polarized lenses protect the eyes from hazardous UV glare and useful for long-term wear. Cute vintage sunglasses that provide a natural vision from transmitting original colors without any modifications.
HIGH QUALITY FRAME – Fashionable oversized cateye sunglasses for women that is durable for everyday use. The frame of this womens oversized sunglasses is made of carefully chosen materials that is constructed to feel lightweight and unobtrusive.
ENDLESS OUTFIT COMBINATIONS – Polarspex are designed to be comfortable and versatile. They are the ultimate in eyewear because you can wear them with any outfit. Stylish sunglasses for teen girls and women that can perfectly pair whether in a casual pair of jeans and a polo, or a business suit
A TIMELESS DESIGN – Trending sunglasses for women with simple and quintessential frames that offers the wearer a modest, yet fashionable look. Our womens sunglasses cat eye oversized comes with different styles and design that you will surely love.

Specification: PolarSpex Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women – Trendy & Polarized Oversized Womens Sunglasses – Fashionable Shades for Women

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